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Misc old 280z dash pics (and others) to be organized…..

These pics are kind of important right now so that I can figure out a few things as the build progresses. These are old pics I took the first time I took the dashboard out. I’ll organize them later but for now I’m putting them here for reference. ūüėõ


This is why your key cylinders no longer work well when trying to lock/unlock your doors.
The little silver colored rectangle is the worn down part.

2011-09-06 19.53.00

Dashboard (back side)




2011-08-28 16.38.44

2011-08-28 16.38.54

2011-08-28 16.39.05

2011-08-28 16.39.20

Under Dash

2011-08-28 16.39.34

2011-08-28 16.39.52

2011-08-28 16.40.03


After market A/C (coil on the lower end, left and in in front of the heater core).

2011-08-28 16.40.20

2011-08-28 16.40.40

2011-08-28 16.41.08

2011-08-28 16.41.34

2011-08-28 16.42.05

2011-09-06 19.17.22

2011-09-06 19.17.46

2011-09-06 19.18.26

2011-09-06 19.19.19

2011-09-06 19.19.33

2011-09-06 19.20.28

Closer look at the A/C parts that never worked.

2011-09-06 19.20.43

2011-09-06 19.21.02

Inlet and Outlet hoses at the heater core (these would break later on in 2014), I should have replaced them back in 2011 after looking at this!

2011-09-06 19.21.15

2011-09-06 19.22.13

2011-09-06 19.22.54

2011-09-06 19.23.16

2011-09-06 19.24.25

2011-09-06 19.24.37

2011-09-06 19.25.04

2011-09-06 19.25.27

2011-09-06 19.25.52

2011-09-06 19.26.04

2011-09-06 19.28.46

2011-09-06 19.30.18

2011-09-06 19.30.33

2011-09-06 19.31.19

2011-09-06 19.31.33

2011-09-06 19.36.28

2011-09-06 19.36.44

2011-09-06 19.37.15

2011-09-06 19.40.43

2011-09-06 19.42.50

2011-09-06 19.43.04

2011-09-06 19.51.22

2011-09-10 17.57.40

2011-09-10 17.58.03

2011-09-10 17.59.44

After a long pause…

So my last post on building the 280z was over a year ago, not looking back I’m guessing it might be¬†much longer now.

For those who didn’t know, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer last October. ¬†This was during the time we were getting ready to put the engine together and the plan was to do¬†all the work in the garage for the build over the winter. ¬†We still ended up putting the engine together but didn’t do much after that. ¬† I went through 6 months of Chemotherapy, surgery (lumpectomy) in April and 33 daily radiation treatments. ¬†While I was doing radiation I got an infection in my chemo port (which spread to my blood) and a blood clot in my arm that necessitated the removal of the port, a week hospital stay, fitted with a portable IV antibiotics for three¬†more weeks, and having to take blood thinners for 6 months. ¬†Fun times yes. ¬†I did manage to make it to Offset Kings¬†with my baldish head and fanny pack (containing my IV), haha – I’m sure I looked stylish.

I’ve regained most of my energy although I still feel much more tired than I did before treatment. ¬†I’ve gotten a little lazy, brain-dead and to be honest some of my motivation is lacking.¬† ¬†Gene and I have been talking with the good guys at TF Works (a shop we visit pretty much every week) in Wheeling, IL and they have opted to take on the¬†build. ¬† I’m stoked! ¬† Anyway, we’ll be building this out over the next few months and I’ll be posting up pics and info as often as I can (as things progress). ¬†¬† ¬†Stay tuned.

Here are some pics of the beginnings of the dis-assembly.

12250255_10156250489310182_80435204_o 12250433_10156250488260182_1783209133_o 12244004_10156250487840182_235330714_n 12242830_10156250488135182_1511389956_o 12227887_10156250492270182_1147206507_o 12227410_10156250491480182_1763366406_o 12227311_10156250488305182_676693337_o 12227310_10156250490660182_401115927_o


For Sale SSR Jilba Racing

Everything has been sold BTW.

Super rare set of custom SSR Jilba Racing wheels

I originally bought them (newly finished and never used) from JPNGarage who had them rebuilt by Araya wheels in California about 8 months ago with new heat treated barrels, bolts, polish and paint.  

I used them on the road for a total of about 200 miles.  Tires are in like new condition except for a slight goudge around the passenger rear tire from my fender rubbing on it.  Tire is still in very good condition otherwise.  


SSR Jilba Racing


15×10.5 -25 front

15×11.5 -35 rear

Center caps with SSR logo included



Toyo Proxes R888

225/50/zr15 front

235/50/zr15 rear


$3600 with tires


20140618_122733~2 20140814_221722 c6caab5e0bc69b3d51c856ad0f5cfcb8 20140625_125813





$3800 with Rare Original Used Jilba Racing center caps




Araya polished locking center caps for Jilba Racing and Longchamp Wheels – $350




More pics and info to serious inquiries only.


Trip to Philadelphia for Tuner Evolution 2014 – Part 1

Photos by brian


Since this was only one of several trips out to the east coast for events, we were already prepared to face the sun as it came up.   This time though, the drive was not all that blinding.    There was a haze throughout the morning drive which helped keep the glaring sunlight at bay.





Later on, the haze burned off to make for great travel weather.



Protection is key.



If you’ve ever seen Pat rolling in his Matrix, you’d think his wheels were broken. ¬†The camber on this Matrix is ridiculous!



One of our many stops.  A few of curious travelers stop to ask questions.  We get a lot of that on the road.



Gene’s 370z is chilling in the shade.



Ray’s special tape job became the souvenir¬†of the trip, you’ll see more of this later.



Parked and waiting




Mike’s GC8 is looking quite at home on the road.



Getting to see the mountains and hills is always nice after traveling the flat lands of Indiana.



Even got to see a couple of these slammed pickups (this is one)




Here’s Corey and his Genesis Coupe, his wheels always attract attention.


Gene’s 370z



Taking over!




Another stop


And another stop, you get the picture….



We finally arrived and the hotel and met up with our extended family.




A little later, we chilled at the carwarsh. ¬† This is Willy’s (Nostalgic Grains) 68 Fairlady, it’s perfect.



Tim’s GRB and Mike’s GC8 ¬†sitting pretty, waiting for a wash.



Styles showing his appreciation for Lauren’s G35.



Lauren giving her baby a shower.



The rest of the dirty pics…..







Gene and I doing work.





Stay tuned for Part 2, it starts to get interesting